Employability Skills

Brooke Katsoudas

Adaptability and Flexibility

- If you can willing accept change you are already one step ahead of your peers.

- Change is the one constant in jobs today

- When you learn to say "yes" the more prepared you are going to become for further changes.

- Being flexible is a way to success

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- Being honest is a basic need in the workplace because it is valued in communication between customers and co-workers.

- With honesty in the workplace it creates a trust worthy environment.

- When you are honest you are building a better image for yourself and creating a good reputation.

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Time Managment

- Having good time managment skills is an important thing to have in the workplace

- Someone with good time managment skills can priortize tasks by importance

- Efficient use of time

- Multitasking is also use of time managment because you are controlling the amount of time that you are spending on certain activites to get many done at one time.

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