Eagle Entries...

Whitaker Elementary .............. September 24, 2015

A few items for the good of the order.

Illness prevention, access to the Power School web portal and Pink Out support of #RacefortheCure this Friday in this extra edition of the EE newsletter

Sharon Creasy


Our Coupon Book Sale

Thanks in advance for supporting our coupon book sale. The wonderful thing about this product is that it pays for itself! Visits to places like The Porch, Mellow Mushroom, Brynn's, The Loop or Kersey Valley and you are saving money before you know it!


  • Free GoPlaySave book for every 5 sold & cash bag pull.
  • Three great top seller prizes - see flyer for details.
  • Prizes for top classes in each grade level.

This book is offered by a locally owned and operated business. Sales help our school and our local businesses - a win-win. Thanks for supporting the sale!