The Canvas Event Guide

Everything about your Canvas Event

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How To Book?

Booking is easy! 3 Easy steps:

1) Contact the space planner: Khaiyong (012-698 6694)

2) Some stuff we should know:
-When would you like your event
-From what time to what time
-What kind of event
-How many people?
-Other enquiries

3) You get your quote :)

*If you prefer to use an online booking enquiry form - Click here

Sounds Good?

When you book your event with us, we'll typically confirm your booking either verbally or via email. Once confirmed, we'll send you an invoice and you must pay a booking fee of 50% of the agreed amount + a refundable RM 300 security deposit .

E.g if your fee is RM 1000, you pay RM800 (50% of RM1000 + the RM300 security deposit) for the booking and the remaining RM 500 on the day of the event.

After we received your booking fee we will send you a confirmation email with the details of your event.

Payment Options

3 Options:

1) Online Banking - Public Bank Account Number 3169130419 (Make sure you include our email address under recipient email and add a note telling us that its you!)
Alternatively, you could send us a screenshot of your payment after you bank in the money.

2) Cheque - You can bank us a cheque under the name of Lightworking Enterprise

3) Cash - Yes, we accept cash too!

Setting Up Your Event

A day before your event begins, we'll contact you via phone to find out what kind of setup you would like for your event. You can also tell us what kind of setup you'd like when you book your event so that we can help you tailor an epic experience for your event!

Questions? Contact Us!

We hope you'll enjoy your event at The Canvas and if you have any feedback, questions or booking enquiries, feel free to reach out to us at the following places: