Results for Reading Comprehension

CRLP Summer Open Institute

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Learn How Results for Reading Comprehension Can Help You Scaffold Access to Complex Text For Your Students!

This institute is designed to help educators understand how CRLP Results for Reading Comprehension can support teachers by providing instructional routines that can be used with any curriculum to link holistic reading comprehension instruction to grade-level text and diverse literature, through the lens of an assets-based pedagogy. Teachers will explore ways to design effective instruction to help their students make meaning from complex grade-level text and use evidence from the text to demonstrate their comprehension. Click here fore more information.

THIS INSTITUTE WILL POSTPONED UNTIL THE FALL of 2023. Please check back for updates!

About CRLP

The mission of the California Reading and Literature Project (CRLP) is to provide transformative professional learning in Reading/Literacy. Our professional learning centers educators as learners and leaders to ensure that every CA student receives high-quality, rigorous comprehensive literacy instruction that is responsive to their identities, assets, and needs.

The UC Irvine/Orange County CRLP region is part of a network of California Reading and Literature Projects across California. CRLP is also a part of a statewide professional development network comprised of the nine disciplines required for university admission (UC and CSU) and graduation from high school. Together we form the California Subject Matter Projects.