Beef, it's what's for dinner.

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The Beef Industry

Pertaining to cattle used for the production of beef.

Jobs in Beef

  • Manger aka Rancher, supervisor, farmer.
  • Animal scientist, also could be the farmer. They are in charge of getting the cow bred.
  • Agriculture workers: Farmer, rancher, anything that keeps the cow alive and healthy.
  • Slaughterers, they bring the cattle to the pasture to the table.


The manager takes care of the cattle until it's time for them to be slaughtered. Doing such duties as feeding and vaccinating. Their average annual salary is $62,040.

Animal Scientist

The animal scientist is in charge of making sure the cattle is healthy. They also have to dehorn and deworm the cattle. If there are multiple cattle dying in rapid succession, then the animal scientist might come out and try to figure out what the problem is. Their average annual salary is $115,650

Agriculture Workers

An ag worker is basically a farmhand. So they would do whatever is asked of them, such as ploughing the fields, feeding livestock, and clean the pen out. Their average annual salary is $24,190 to $37,360.


The slaughters is in charge of killing and cutting up the cattle. The slaughter takes approximately two hours. During that time, they hit it on the head to knock it out, then slit it's throat to let it bleed out. After that they cut it up and ship the meat out where it's needed. Their average annual salary is $25,010.

Geographical Beef

2014 was projected to be the lowest beed production in the US in twenty years.

Top 5 Producing States

  • Nebraska
  • Texas
  • Kansas
  • Colorado
  • Iowa

Breeds of Beef

Top 5 Breeds

  1. Black Angus
  2. Hereford
  3. Piedmontese
  4. Waguyu
  5. Simmental

Beef Consumption in the US

25.5 Billion pounds of beef were consumed in 2014, which makes out to 134 billion dollars spent.

Current Beef Market

Currently it's $2/pound, so if you have a 1,500 lb calf, that would make out to $3,000. $2/pound is the highest the market is going to be in a while, supposedly.