It's a new future for sugar!!!!!!!!

By: Audrey J. Addis

It's coming, so hold on to your dessert plates!!!

A new company, just around the corner, is coming! "The Chocolate Twins" are coming maybe close to you! Get ready, this could be the future candy!!!!!1

The Chocolate Twins!!! Mouthwatering!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, Dec. 14th 2025 at 1pm

3471 Campus Drive

Ijamsville, MD

A new company of chocolate will be coming to Urbana, so hold on!These locations are an estimation, until we are ready. If we are ready before the due date, we will release these chocolate products before the due date. It will be AROUND the urbana High School, so we might not be DIRECTLY on campus. Hang in there! But this will not be coming for a while, so you have time! DO NOT BE SCARED!!!!!!!!!! We will test all our chocolate products before we sell them!!!


We will make our own chocolate, and actually, I am working on something to allow customers to customize their OWN chocolate design! They are allowed to ask to design the same chocolate for others to try. COOL, RIGHT???

We...are...the Chocolate Twins!!!!!!!

We are coming soon, so get ready! You have ALL the time you need to relax...and WE have all the time to get our chocolate ready!!!
Audrey (A member,) is getting an YouTube account soon!!

Our member is getting a YouTube account soon, called "MarshmallowsDoingCuteStuff", watch her videos when they come out!!!