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Jefferson Union High School District

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December 15, 2020

Board Reorganization

The Governing Board of Trustees held its annual organization meeting and voted to appoint the following positions:

Board President: Rosie Tejada

Vice President: Andy Lie

Clerk: Carla Ng-Garrett

Trustee: Kalimah Salahuddin
Trustee: Nick Occhipinti

Trustees assumed their new roles immediately.

Celebrating Board President Salahuddin and Superintendent Presta

Tuesday night's Board meeting celebrated two district leaders:

  1. Trustee Salahuddin's tenure as Board President: Local and state leaders thanked Kalimah for her strength during this extremely tough year, and applauded her tireless work to bring COVID-19 testing to JUHSD.
  2. Superintendent Toni Presta - Superintendents across the county joined elected officials in praising the Board for choosing Toni for the role of superintendent. They celebrated Ms. Presta because of her deep knowledge of the community and connections with leaders across the area, including our partner districts.

Career Technical Education Update

Denise Shreve provided a Career Technical Education update to the Board. CTE is designed for all students, providing a foundation of industry based technical skills and academic knowledge. CTE courses help all students make informed decisions about college and career choices. Many of the courses are UC a-g approved. During at-home-learning, students are participating in project-based learning and after-school enrichment.

Budget Updates

Associate Superintendent Tina Van Raaphorst presented the updated LCFF Budget Overview for Parents. She also shared the First Interim Budget Report. She advised the Board that the District should continue to be conservative financially as the full economic impact of COVID-19 is yet unknown.

Swearing in of Trustees

Trustees for the Jefferson Union High School District took the Oath of Office, including our newly re-elected Trustees Andrew Lie and Kalimah Y. Salahuddin. Student representatives taking the oath included Mustafa Abuzarihyeh, Lucca Garcia, Charles Green, Madeleine Hur, Helene Kleinfeld, Irene Lee, and Joseph Murphy.

Student of the Month Wendy Xiu

The Board recognized student of the month Wendy Xiu from the Adult Education Program. Her teachers shared the following description of Ms. Xiu:

“Wendy came to the U.S. on August 1, 2019 and promptly joined our class at Our Second Home location on August 21, 2019. Since she has been here she has obtained her driver's license and a paid caretaker position with In Home Support Services. Our class has been impressed with her accounts of caring for her elderly, blind patient. Her kindness, generosity, and efforts to make a difference in his life have been very touching. Even though it is not her job, she brings him free food, cooks for him, and goes out of her way to make his life better.

Wendy is a strong believer in education to achieve her goals, such as getting her GED, a certificate or degree from community college, a good paying job, her U.S. citizenship, and a place in the community.”

JUHSD Trustees

2020-2021 Student Trustees

  • Madeleine Hur, Oceana High School
  • Lucca Garcia, Jefferson High School
  • Charles Green, Jefferson High School
  • Irene Lee, Westmoor High School
  • Mustafa Abuzahriyeh, Westmoor High School
  • Joe Murphy, Terra Nova High School
  • Helene Kleinfeld, Terra Nova High School

Additional Information

The next public session Board Meeting will take place Tuesday, January 19. Public session begins at 7 pm (unless otherwise noted) on the JUHSD YouTube channel.