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April 29, 2021

Penn Wood Newsletter

Penn Wood Vision: Highly Effective - Academic Excellence, Personal Growth, Creative Thinking, Service to the Community

From the Principal's Office:

Dear Penn Wood Families,

Next week is TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK! The Home and School Association and PW Admin are planning to show our deepest gratitude for our ENTIRE Penn Wood Staff. If you work at Penn Wood - you are a teacher, role model, and a support for children. Every person on our staff takes care of our students and we are very thankful to have this crew of educators help students endure the pandemic. In many ways, school, has been a sense of normalcy that we have all needed. The students are energetic, animated, happy and smiling everyday they attend Penn Wood.

Please take a moment next week to thank our Penn Wood staff! An email, note, etc. goes a long way; especially this year.

Thank you for your partnership and support this year.

Kind regards,

Dr. Mike G. Garvin

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PSSA Information:

Dr. Scanlon sent a letter explaining the procedure for opting out, if you so choose. I would like to share that if you choose to opt out your child, s/he will be granted an excused tardy if you choose to keep him/her home while his/her class is testing and you are able to provide transportation to school. If you choose to send your child to school at the regular time, s/he will be supervised in an alternate location and have the opportunity to read independently or use his/her iPad during the testing time.

Here is the link to opt your student out of the PSSAs. The form closes 4/30/2021. If you decide to opt out after this date just email Dr. Garvin or Delaney Bowes.

Grades 3-5 are scheduled to take the exams at the end of the school year:

ELA – Grades 3-5 – May 25, 26 & 27

Math – Grades 3-5 - June 1 & 2

Science - Grade 4 – June 3 & 4

Some families choose to have their children participate in the exams as it is good practice for learning how to take a standardized test and provides an additional piece of information on their child's progress toward learning PA standards. We know this is an individual choice for each family. Please feel free to reach out to me or Delaney Bowes with any questions regarding PSSAs.

End of Year Events/Dates

The WCASD has made a decision that there will not be any parent volunteers for the remainder of the school year. As you may know, many schools have been placing entire grade levels/students in quarantine. The below events/dates can very well change if PW has to quarantine students.

Entire School PW Events

Date & Time

  • Spring Social - @ PW - May 7th and May 14th from 6-8pm
  • Spring Concert - 7:00pm ZOOM May 19 - Will be recorded and sent to the community.

  • Field Day - May 28th - will occur during students SPECIALS times - A Schedule will be coming out from Mr. Oliver soon.

  • PSSA’s
  • Yearbook Signing – June 7th – will occur during students recess times - see below for recess times for cyber/remote only participation
  • PSSA’s

o ELA - May 25 - 27

o Math – June 1-2

o Science – 4th grade only – June 3-4

  • Kona Ice Truck – June 7, 2021 - 11am - 2pm
  • Kindergarten Recess - 11:15 - 11:45
  • First Grade Recess - 11:25 - 11:55
  • Second Grade Recess - 12:05 - 12:35
  • Third Grade Recess - 1:25 - 1:55
  • Fourth Grade Recess - 12:45 - 1:15
  • Fifth Grade Recess - 1:35 - 2:05

(Cyber/Remote - Attend only during their child's grade level recess blocks)

5th Grade Events: (Cyber students are welcome to attend – please email Dr. Garvin if you would like to attend any 5th grade event)

  • Yard Sign Distribution – May 4th - 4pm Pickup @ PW
  • 5th Grade Kickball Game May 14, 2021 -- 12:00 - 1:30pm
  • 5th Grade End of Year Ceremony - June 9th9:30 – 10:30am
  1. Rain date - 11th – Two adults per child – must wear mask/socially distance etc…And bring your own chair
  2. Tentative plan is to hold this in-person, outside at PW, from 9:30 – 10:30 am
  3. More details will be shared as we get closer to the above date
  • 5th Grade Party – Sunday, June 6th @PW from 1-4pm; – will occur outside – HSA sponsored evening events (rain date June 7th 6-8pm)

Nurse Updates:

If you are waiting on COVID test results on a person who is having symptoms in your family, the rest of your household must stay home until you get the negative test result back.

If your child has been exposed to COVID or tests positive, please include the school nurse (Mrs. Burg) on your communication with the school. She can help with quarantine dates and return to school dates as well as contact tracing if necessary. If your child has had surgery, dental work or a serious injury (stitches, cast, crutches etc.) please contact the school nurse as soon as possible. She can determine if any accommodations are needed to help your child navigate through the school day. Her email is

Arrival and Dismissal Updates:

Arrival carline drop off - 8:30 - 9:00am

Note - The AM carline is moving quite well - Thank you!. The walkway is longer and a safe place for students to walk into the building. Rule of thumb...once you are stopped near the cones unload.

Afternoon Carline - 3:05 - 3:30

Please follow these protocols:

1) Please stay in car

2) If students can't buckle themselves in the car...please pull forward to the cul-de-sac and buckle there

PM Carline protocol below:

1) PM carline begins at 3:05 and runs until 3:30.

2) Please do not enter the carline until 3:05. Vehicles cannot line up and wait as this causes unnecessary congestion on Johnny’s Way.

3) Enter the campus eastbound on Johnny’s Way. (PM Carline Directional Map) Below...

4) Do not block driveways on Johnny’s Way

5) Office early dismissals end at 2:45. If you have to take your child to a doctor’s appointment, sporting event, etc.…please arrange to pick up prior to 2:45.

Thank you in advance for your understanding as we look to increase efficiency and safety with our dismissal procedures.

Note: Please know that the preferred mode of transportation for all students is the bus. If you would like to start/resume using district transportation please contact the main office.

From the Main Office

Please notify the office if your home address, phone number (work, cell or home phone) or email address has changed. Please email with any changes. Please include your child(ren)’s name when emailing.

From the Nurses Desk:

COVID Guidelines


If you or your child are exhibiting any COVID symptoms please contact your health care provider first. These symptoms are listed on your screening sheet that you should be using on your student before sending them to school. Please report any COVID+ tests from your student, household family members or close contacts to the school nurse, Mrs. Burg at or 484-277-1906. Mrs. Burg will follow up with you and determine if a report to the Chester County Health Department (CCHD) is required. Students who present at school with symptoms that are on that screening sheet will be sent home for 10 days unless they have a COVID test that comes back negative. These are CCHD guidelines and must be followed. A doctor’s note is not acceptable for return to school in this case. Please keep your child home from school if you or someone in your family is awaiting the results of a COVID test. Household contacts generally must stay out of school for the 10 days of the sick person’s isolation PLUS another 10 days to make sure the contacts do not become ill. Teachers are notified that your student will be on remote during this time. You can get tested 5 days within that quarantine and come back to school if it is negative on day 7.

Safety Protocols

• Please make sure to complete the COVID Screening Daily Checklist before school.

• Review our Safety Protocols for Students and Staff.

• Students are required to wear approved face coverings unless a doctor's note is provided.

Kindergarten Registration - Please contact Kathy Oswald with Questions -

Pre-Registration is OPEN for the 2021-2022 School Year!

Kindergarten: Your child must be 5 years of age on or before September 1 of the year entering kindergarten (there are no exceptions).

1st Grade: Your child must be 6 on or before September 1 of the year entering 1st grade (unless coming from a licensed kindergarten program and provide evidence such as a final report card)

To attend Penn Wood Elementary School, you must reside within the Penn Wood attendance boundary. You may check your address at the attendance boundary website. Simply put your address in and click the search button.

Please go to the District or Penn Wood website and click on the New Student Registration icon at the top of the page. Create a username and password (don’t forget to write it down!) You can go in and out of the pre-registration application as long as you “save” and don’t press “submit”. Only click on “submit” after you have completed all the requested information and have uploaded the required documents.

1) Information to have on hand as you pre-register: doctor and dentist names and phone numbers.

2) Documents to upload electronically before pressing “submit”:

- Birth Certificate

- Immunizations, Physical and Dental Reports (If child hasn’t had their 5 yr check-up yet, provide the most recent information and email updated records after the doctor/dentist appointments)

- Proof of Residency #1 – copy of deed, mortgage statement, agreement of sale or lease agreement

- Proof of Residency #2 – copy of utility bill, insurance card or policy showing your name and address

- Transcripts, Standardized Test Scores

- Tuberculin test results

Once you complete and submit pre-registration, the office will contact you to finalize the registration process. No appointments will be scheduled at this time. Throughout the remainder of the year and summer, you may receive emails from the district offices as well as from Penn Wood Elem with any events/information, etc. as regards the upcoming 21-22 school year.

Please feel free to contact the Penn Wood Elementary School Office at 484.266.1902 or email if you have any questions or need assistance.

PM Carline Directional Map

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