Spartan Family News

May 18 - 22


5.17.20 SES Newscast

A Message From The Principal

Thank you to all of you that completed our Parent Distance Learning Survey. We appreciate your feedback and are using this information to help us refine our distance learning work as we move forward.

We have been passing out hotspots to our families that are able to get cell service but don't yet have internet service at their homes. If you are in need of a Verizon hotspot to help your child(ren) participate in online distance learning, please contact our office immediately. These are at no cost to our families.

Need Some Technical Assistance?

Family Help Tech Line: 360.403.3966

Google Classroom/SeeSaw Quick Tips

Chromebook not working? Bring it back and we'll exchange it for another.

Middle School Registration

Though this is not the way our 5th graders were hoping to close out their elementary school years, it is an exciting time for them as it is time to get registered for middle school classes. You should have received an email from either Stanwood Middle School or Port Susan Middle School this week with information regarding registration for 6th grade elective courses.

I have added the communication from each principal and a link to their registration for elective courses here. Please click on the appropriate bar below.


We are currently accepting registrations for next year's kindergarteners and any other new students. Please use the online registration form. Having these numbers early helps us better prepare for the upcoming school year.

Science Projects Due This Week

You will be receiving an email with instructions about uploading your child's Virtual Science Fair Project at the front end of this week. We look forward to seeing what our students have been creating for our first ever virtual science fair. Thank you to all of those that participated.

SES 20019-20 Yearbooks

The cost for a yearbook is $13.00.

You can still order a yearbook online at:

Grading in K-5 Schools

Grading K-5

Students in grades K–5 are being asked to demonstrate effort and success in learning standards through remote learning. Unless an agreement has been reached between parent/guardian and school staff, students will be promoted to the next grade level. Elementary progress reports will reflect concepts introduced and practiced through remote learning. Standards introduced through remote learning will be noted as “introduced but not assessed” on the progress report.

Meal Program

Reminder: Now on Fridays, we offer weekend grab and go meals in addition to our regular meal distribution, children will receive bags that contain 3 lunches and 3 breakfasts.

Grab and Go meals are available to ALL children ages 18 and under, free of charge, regardless of income, whether your child is enrolled in school or if they attend Stanwood Camano Schools. We encourage families to take advantage of this program, please help spread the word.

For a list of locations, please see the district website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - When is the last day of school?

A - June 19th

Q - Can I still order a yearbook?

A - YES - online orders only -

Q - Can I still get a Chromebook?

A - YES - call the office at the number below. We'll get one ready for you to pick up.

Q - How can my child get to be a Star Reader on Facebook?

A - Email a short video (preferably 2 minutes or less) to All students are welcome to be a Star Reader.

Q - Are students being graded for work in Seesaw or Google Classroom?

A - In short, no. Though we are monitoring progress and giving feedback about work submitted in both platforms. We are prioritizing skills deemed most important for the startup of next school year. We understand that students may not be able to complete all items every week; please don't worry about this. Encourage your child to do their best and remind them that we are happy with what they can get done.