The Silk Road

By: Shelby Weber

What is the Silk Road?

It was developed in the second century B.C., at the time, Emperor Wu-ti was fighting with the Xiongnu, a nomadic tribe to the north. For about 1,500 years the silk road was the key link between Asia and Europe.
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New Information

  • It was 4,000 mile long trade route.

  • Archaeologists have found few ancient Silk Road bridges, gates, or paving stones like those along Rome’s Appian Way.

  • not a real road at any point or time

  • They referred to the different sections of the road as the “Road to Samarkand” (or whatever the next major city was)

How The Silk Road has Impacted us

Instead, the Silk Road changed history, largely because the people who managed to travel along part or all of the Silk Road planted their cultures like seeds of exotic species carried to distant lands. Thriving in new homes, newcomers mixed with local residents and often absorbed other groups who followed.
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