Immigration To Texas


About the country

Mexican immigrants moved to Texas for land, a new start, and good resources. It also was a very dangerous place to live. the years of settlement were in the late 1800's and early 1900's. They settled in Southeast Texas and the immigrants were Ruben Garcia.


Foods in Mexico are enchiladas, tacos, burritos, and many more. There are lots of mouth watering foods in mexico that you should learn about, and the ingredients the cooks use, and how they make them, most foods are really hard to make, while other ones are delicious and surprisingly easy to make.


Holidays in mexico are day of the dead, independence day, and Christmas eve and day. Each holiday is special in its own way, like independence day, the day we won our independence. Christmas day, the day we celebrate mostly about the birth of Jesus, but some others don't celebrate Christmas.


About this country


chili peppers, fufu,yams, coco yams, cassava, olives, all delicious foods of Africa, many recipes and meals and all divine. Africa has many delicacies and interesting foods


There are lots of holidays in Africa, such as, human rights day, heritage day, freedom day, and good friday.