Levels of Industry

The 4 levels of industry

1. Agriculture

The first level of industry is agriculture. Agriculture is when the gathering/processing of the raw material is in progress, as you see in the picture the corn is being cropped, that is an example of agriculture.

2. Manufacturing

The second level of the levels of industry is manufacturing. Manufacturing is when the raw material is being turned into a product to be sold, an example Factories.

3. Wholesale, Transportation, and Retail

The third level of the levels of industry are Wholesale, Transportation, and Retail. First we start with Wholesaler. The wholesaler is the one that sells to the retailer (Store). Examples, Del Monte, Hunts, and Mrs Bairds Bread

Next is the transportation, transportation is when the products/goods are sent of in either a plane, train, truck. The transportation is the way the goods get to their destination.

Last is Retailer, The retailer is the store or place the goods are sent to like, WalMart, Costco, Sams Club.

4. Service

The fourth level on the level of industry is service, service is when the ads/commercials start to let people know what they are selling so the consumers will start coming to buy their products by using Coupons, Billboards and Pop ups.


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