The Underground Railroad

The Journey to Freedom

By: Angelina Perez

What was the Underground Railroad?

The Underground Railroad was a network used by enslaved black Americans to obtain their freedom. To gain that freedom the slaves would have to escape to Canada. Also, The Underground Railroad was never a railroad, It was a group of people who just wanted to help the slaves gain their freedom.

The Fugitive Slave Act

The Fugitive Slave Act was a law that said that the Slaves who escaped to a free state could be returned back to their owners. This law just made it harder for the slaves and this is also the reason why the slaves either had to escape to Canada or to another country that doesn't believe in slavery.

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Secret codes

Slaves and the Abolitionists had secret codes for their journey. Those who guided the slaves to freedom were called "Condutors", The slaves were called "Passengers", and the people's home or businesses where the slaves and conductors can hide and gain safety were called "Stations".

Some of the Conducters


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