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What is eBackpack ?

eBackpack is an application that provides teachers and students with online personal file storage. It is a facility for teachers to create online shared workspaces which can contain collaborative Word documents, Excel or OneNote folders, and any other file for uploading and sharing, as well as announcements, links, and other information. These workspaces are accessible from anywhere, via the NSW DEC Portal. It provides the ability for teachers and students to store and access (view, download, save or print) files in a secure environment via the NSW DEC Portal.All MGHS staff and student now have access to eBackpack. Open your portal page > my learning tools > eBackpackTo find the icon to add to your essentials bar on your portal go to edit essentials and click on eBackpack icon 

What can teachers use eBackpack for?

eBackpack is a collaboration tool that supports teachers to create online spaces in which they are in full administrative control. Some of the strategies it can be used for are:  Sharing of files - upload files you wish your students to use.  Collaborative Documents - Using the browser version of Microsoft Office which is included with eBackpack, students can collaborate in real time on Word, OneNote, PowerPoint or Excel files.Organising Learning - Use the announcements to update students with due dates and homework.Collaborative Projects - Work with schools across the state on collaborative teacher or student programs.

Find out more ...

https://detwww.det.nsw.edu.au/it/learnsyssupport/ebackpack/index.htm    At this site you will find extensive videos and PDFs about using eBackpack for both teachers and students.