How to Become a... Swim Coach

Written By Mahitha Chaturvedula


Okay, so you are 18 and you seriously need a job and you want a job to do something with swimming because you have a passion for it. So you’re sitting on the couch,bored. First off, do not be lazy! Second,l I have a job for you! You could become a swim coach! I mean, you love swimming and you are 18! So get off that couch and contact a swim building! Now!

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Beginning Steps

First off, you have to know how to swim. Next up, you have to be patient. The students have different learning paces. Another thing is you have to be concentrated. You have to time your students to see how many laps they can do in a certain amount of time.Lastly, you have to like kids. You can not be a swim coach without being near kids. As long as you did all of this as a kid, you are good to go.

Day to Day Life of a Swim Coach

You can take a 1 week break but no longer than that unless you or one of your family members are sick. Most of the time, all you have to do is make sure that your students that you are teaching are doing all the strokes right and then keep giving them more strokes to do so that whenever they go to a swim meet, they are already prepared. Make sure you give them good warm-ups to do so that they can swim properly.

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Professionals in the Field

Don Heidary says... “challenge/support each swimmer to become a better swimmer every day. Address an issue and focus mostly on that issue, and also talk to kids individually or as a group about concepts like leadership, work ,reaching out to a teammate, or helping in some way.” Another professional,Murray Drudge, Head Coach, North York Aquatic Club

says this…”Swimming is no different from school or a workplace, the most academical swimmer doesn’t always get the best grades just like the hardest worker doesn’t always get a promotion. Success is talent & hard work, but first you have to enjoy the ride.”
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So now you have new job! Now you have a job that you enjoy. Hopefully you keep this job until you want a new one. Swimming has impacted lives in many ways. One way is that swimming works on your health a lot. Here are rules of safety you have to follow:

  • Maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for swimmers

  • Preventing accidents and emergencies

  • Responding to ill or injured swimmers in water or on land

Remember, follow the rules of swimming and have fun with this job! :)

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