Library Lookout

September 10, 2015

Ticket to Read

RCBM Scores need to be entered into the program.
  1. Go to:
  2. Sign in using your teacher username and password (see attached)
  3. Click "My Class" Tab
  4. Click "Enter Scores"
  5. Enter scores then click "Save Changes" button

Important T2R Information:
  • App available on the iPads
  • Usernames and passwords are the same as everything else for 1-5th graders
  • Kindergarten usernames are the students first name + 0000 (ex: lisa0000)
    A few students needed their last initial added (ex: lisat0000)
    Passwords are their lunch/library number + 0000
  • Parent letters and more are found in Shared --> Highland --> Voyager

MAP Testing

Don't forget to bring your iPad (already signed into MAP with your username and password) to the MAP reading test.

Please advise your students to bring a sweatshirt to the computer lab! It's cold!

Typing Agent

Your students are now assigned to your classroom (thanks to Gail)!

  • for grades 3-5 (2nd grade coming soon)
  • student usernames and passwords are same as Google and Canvas
  • teacher username=your email
    teacher password=skokie68 (unless you changed it last year)
  • access through the "For Students" section of the Highland website
  • students are encouraged to use an actual keyboard for practice
    Remember, iPad keyboards are available for checkout using the "Keyboard" Google calendar! Just be sure you're saying how many you need. We have a total of 75 keyboards.


There was a team of teachers helping parents create a Parent Observer account during Open House. Parents who did not set up an account will receive information soon. If parents need help, please direct them to Anna or Lisa.

Please remind students and parents not to change their Canvas passwords. If you need a Canvas password reset, please contact Lisa.


AirServer Troubleshooting

We recommend pinning AirServer to your computer taskbar.

Common AirServer Problems:
  • Finding your name is like playing Whack-A-Mole (list of names jumps around)
  • Your name is not listed

See attached Troubleshooting guide to learn how to pin to taskbar and fix these problems!

Computer Full Screen

Does your laptop screen shrink every time you dock your computer? Are you annoyed by those black bars on the sides of your laptop screen?

The fix involves multiple steps, so tell Lisa if you want her to come to your room to do it for you.


Want new fonts? Try! They're free!

Need to import your fonts onto your new teacher computer?
Open My Computer

Find the fonts folder you saved in your H:/

Ctrl + A to highlight them all

Ctrl + C to copy them all

Open C:/



Cntl + V to paste

A box will appear telling you a font is already installed. Check "Do this for all current items" then click "No."

Highland LMC

Enjoy a much deserved 3-day weekend! Happy Reading!

~Gail and Lisa