By,Chloe Clemons


I'm going to tell you about the Roman Empire. My first topic I'm going to talk about the the kings of Early Rome. Next I will tell you about the Rome the city of the Seven Hills. Finely last but not least I will tell you about the Declin and Fall.Now your journey beggins.

Kings Of Early Rome

The old legends say that the two twins Romulus and Remus were found and nursed by a mother wolf but little after Nauma Pompilius found them and raised them as his own. Romulus and Remus grew up they wanted the city to them selves. After Nauma Pompilius had died Romulus and Remus killed Amulisus and restord namitor as kings. the twins had then determind to build a city on the timber. But then Remus was killed and Remulus was then declared king of Rome. And that is the legend behind the kings of Rome.

Rome The City Of Seven Hills

The seven hills begin hafe way down the italian peninsula. On the west coast is a small river called timber.

the people who lived here were sheperds & farmers. in the hill country to the west there lived the sabines. Distant kingsmen of the laitens. These people emigrated into the peninsula from centel Europe before 1,000BC and vanqished the origanal inhabitants. littel after the were gone . On the left bank of the timber lies the 7 low hills . At this point the river is shallow and easy to cross. laitan murcheny bilt a village on one of the hills called the palatine in order to grade with weathy etruscans who lived in the north of the river.Settlements were built on the other hills to. The towns on the 7 hills finally joined to make one city and thats how the the city of Seven Hills came togather.

Decline And Fall

The Decline and Fall lasted from (180-284BC) The senate reconizes 27 men as emporers of Rome legands, many others laid claim to the titel.

the instebilety and succseshion of short terms was finally stopped by the empore. The the city of Rome decideds when emperors continues or dosent. The emporer they choose moved his capital as Constantinople in his own honor.


I dident now alot about Rome before this project and now I know alot more then I ever thought I would. It's really cool when u learn about somthing that you dident think u would enjoy learning about . I had alot of fun with this project and hope to do another one somtime. Thanks for reading my project.


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