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November 5, 2018

Grade Send- RC2

Just a reminder that grades are due tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6 at 5:00 PM.

We believe we have a handle on the missing grades issue, as we’ve tweaked some things at the server level and all has been quieter.

Prior to the grade deadline, please be sure you do the following prior to entering grades for eSchool:

  • Log in and then physically log out using the log out icon in your gradebook.
  • Log in again.

If you lose your grades, please email me Liz Abbott:

  • Day and Time you lost your grades
  • Any error that occurred
  • Let me know if you had a time out issue
  • Were you at work or at home
  • Device Used
  • Browser Used
  • Course and Section
  • Assignment Name or type “RC Grades”

Other important information:

  • Grades are due loaded by 5 PM on Tuesday for students at LTHS. Reload and save as many times as you’d like before this time.
  • For students at/from another HS campus, click here for their due dates/times.
  • Don’t forget to FULLY PUBLISH EVERYTHING. Solid green circles, people!

Things to remember:

- RC grades cannot be over 100.

- Double-check the RC screen for missing/extra students. Contact Lisa Grey about these.

- Double-check every students’ RC grade to make sure it’s the grade you intend them to have.

- For Teacher Aides (NG = No Grade) or Pass/Fail classes (P = pass, F = fail), use the drop down on the RC page to enter their score.

- Reminder: Incompletes count as a failure for UIL eligibility.

- Incompletes and grade changes are due cleared up by Friday, Nov. 9th due to eligibility requirements.

To change a grade after Tuesday's deadline, use the Grade Change Notification Form found in the LTHS locker.

Thursday and Friday

I will be out of town Thursday and Friday. If you have any issues, please submit a HelpDesk ticket. I will get to my email as soon as I can but my access will be limited.