by Christian Martinez Period 7

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The Photosynthesis Equation

The Photosythesis equation is: Sunlight+CO2+H2O=O2+C6H12O6.

(Sunlight +Carbon Dioxyed+Water=Oxygen and Glucose)


CO2 is carbon dioxide it is a mix of the elements carbon and 2 atoms of oxygen.

O2 is oxygen its the air we breath in.The plants make oxygen through the process of potosynthesis.

C6H12O6 is glucose.The plants make these for food and for animals.

Photosynthesis Paragraph

Photosynthesis is when a plant makes O2 and glucose.The ? is how,well first the plants have to have sunlight,CO2,and O2.The plant through photosynthesis has to have carbon dioxide and that carbon comes frome us the people, we breath it out and breath in oxygen which plants make through the process of photosynthesis.The plants have to have glucose to survive because it there food.