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Instant Payday Network REVIEW

An Honest Instant Payday Network Review This is going to be an honest review of Instant Payday network (IPDN). And will contain more information and details about the program than anything else that I have found on the internet so far.When I was first presented IPDN I didn't bother with it because I thought it would be a waste of time. I didn’t want to mess around with trial offers because I couldn't see how it could make much money for me. But I finally decided to give it a try.Four Step Process IPDN uses a 4 step process that promotes 2 Trial offer websites and Empower Network on step 4.Because it’s fairly easy to convince someone that you can legitimately make money by promoting trial offers you will have a high conversion rate. You will make $20 per referral with Express My CashFreebies (Step 1) and $30 per referral with Double My Cash Freebies (step 2).Because IPDN promotes both of them as a step-by-step system, all you've got to do is promote IPDN.You don’t even have to worry about step 4 right away until you start making some money on the steps1 and 2.Then when you are making some money you should join Empower Network (EN) because some of those people that you refer are going to join EN. And you would be leaving money on the table.

When you opt into the squeeze page and go to the landing page of IPDN, Jeff Buchanan, the developer of IPDN, presents you with a video that explains how it works, how much money you could make and how to sign up with the offers and become qualified.Autoresponder Included Another plus to IPDN is that it has a built in autoresponder. I use my own because I have a large list here already. So I don’t use it. But if you didn't have an autoresponder already, it would be like getting an autoresponder for free.Work with Legitimate Companies Some of the companies that use trial offers are fortune 500 companies but all are not. But they all arelegitimate companies with legitimate products. They are the companies that are ultimately paying youfor promoting their offers, so this opportunity is perfectly legitimate.Some people like to down play it as if it is a scam in some way but I can assure you that it is not. There is nothing scamy about IPDN because it just simply uses videos and training to show you how to qualify and advertise your opportunities. Many of the sources of advertisements are free.Training Videos and Resources Also, Jeff walks you through how to sign up with both My Cash Freebies and how to qualify. There are also some helpful videos that you give you more information or if you have any problems.