Heroes of 9/11 Project

Gifted and Talented Enrichment - Newton 5

Heroes of 9/11 Project due 9/26

Review the requirements of this project by viewing my FIRST GLOG - or preferably have your student log in to their account and give you a tour from there! Please note - this assignment needs to be completed at home and is due (to the glogster website) by Friday, September 26th.


Yes! These are actual words and your kids know their meanings! Ask them or look in their Writer's Notebook! Each student has their own Writer's Notebook - this is the most important tool in our classroom. Inside you will find weekly collections of "25 cent" words, brainstorming ideas, drawings, rough drafts, and more. Although it is imperative that notebooks are neat and legible - they should also be COLORFUL and CREATIVE! Check out Amelia's Notebook as an example. Every month a 'Duck'tastic Writer will be selected to receive the coveted DUCK OF THE MONTH award.

Ask your student:

  1. to see their Vocabulary Collector Bookmark. They should be adding words to this bookmark DAILY.
  2. show you the WOW (Word of the Week) that I gave them . . . Colossal.

August Duck of the Month Kaidence!

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