By: Idalis Dodson

Is abortion constitutional?

Abortion is constitutional because there is a set of principles regulating women having an abortion such as in Texas, where the Roe vs. Wade case had taken effect in, the new restrictions that take a digital turn, as well as the new front in the abortion debate.

Roe vs. Wade case

The U.S supreme court had ruled in a 7-2 decision, that under the state of the law it is a women' s right to an abortion under the Fourteenth amendment in the constitution.

New Abortion Restrictions

The war over abortion is going digital. A total of 7 states have joined to enact band via tele- medicine. Which is the process in which women pregnancy ending medication that doctors prescribe during via video conference. It explores how the states are banning the admistration of an abortion pill over the web, video conference.

A New Front

The US seek to provide proof of the physiological and economic perspectives of the unwanted pregnancy. As well as its implications for abortion.

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