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I have been in and out of classrooms this week, and I am truly impressed by the quality, depth, differentiation, and innovation in the lessons. Moreover, teachers are connecting with students all the while engaging them and building relationships. In other words, y'all are awesome!

Every week (or so), I will be spotlighting teachers and/or departments that have implemented new, interesting, and/or exciting pedagogical tools in the classroom. DSHS is full of amazing teachers, and should be recognized and appreciated for what you do!

Week of August 31-September 4 (2015): Focus on Classroom Organization

I have noticed a few neat organizational tools that teachers have used to structure their classroom, and since it is early in the year, I thought it apropos to spotlight these ideas.

Firstly, Marguerite Shaffer (science department) utilizes a twist on a seating chart, where she writes the student's interests and future goals under the student's name and uses that to get to know her students the first week beyond their name and seating assignment (see picture below).

Secondly, Lauren Myrick (math department) has awesome organizational skills that allow students to easily adjust to the flow of her classroom the first week of school. Below you will see pictures of some of her organizational strategies. Click on the pictures to see an explanation!

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Too Cool for School (or cool things teachers are doing)

Jerri Ybarra- AP Human Geography- having kids collaborate in creating the topography of their continent based on Earth's physical principles and through-out the year will add nations, states, etc. depending on what they are studying.

Emily Groce- AP Eng 4- students are annotating a poem they chose that pairs with the novel read using the document camera in front of the class. Cool way to see what students are thinking. They also create a visual to accompany the novel and poem.

Jamie Biel wrote:

Kathy Shepherd - PreAP Bio. Topic: Characteristics of life.

She had kids read an article about astrobiology (basically, if extraterrestrial life exists, what would it be like?) and then had the class design an alien life form that embodied all 6 characteristics common to life as we know it. The kids loved it!!

Jamie Biel also wrote:

Kelsey Lee- Google image searched "graph". Found one, put it on the board, and kids write a descriptive story explaining the graph (see the graph below for example). WRITING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM in action!

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Check out Kim Van Every's Inspirational Creation in the Counselor's Office!

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Have a great LONG weekend!

Happy Labor Day! Also, (yes, I am beating a dead horse) please join my google classroom, classroom code: xslfrv. Lastly, if you see anything interesting or engaging going on in your fellow teachers' classrooms or in your own class, let me know, I would love to share!