Mr Masons Believes...

In the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed

Who is Mr Mason?

Mr Mason is a assistant principal at Jubilee. He is 55 years old and has a family of four. He has two Grandchildren. In his family he has his wife, himself and his two kids. He is a Catholic

The Language of the Creed

Mr Mason thinks that both Nicene and Apostles Creed recognise the statements and beliefs about him. He believes that the Nicene and Apostles Creed are similar because they have the same sort of language in it. One has I believe... and the other one has We believe... He believes that Jesus died for our sake. He also believes that everyone has to have a belief.

Timeless word to live by

Mr Mason believes that most things change but your belief stays the same. The creeds lasted for a while because if they are true they are true. He believes that if you believe YOU believe.

Human Nature

Mr Mason believes that it is important to him and others because it is apart of human nature and if you don't believe in anything you would be lost. He thinks everyone wants to believe in something. He believes that it is a clear basis for believers and provides a clear and bond in a fairly simple way because prayers are not complicated.