January updates on KEEP Collective with Nicole Brinson

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Happy New Year!

2016 is here and I hope yours has been off to a GREAT start! Have you chosen a "word" for this year? Mine is FOCUS. I encourage you to choose a word for this year, one that speaks to you & brings motivation to whatever goals you may have!

Let me design a piece for YOU with YOUR word! Send me an email, let's get started :)

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The deer key will FINALLY be back in stock on the 22nd (possibly a day or 2 before). If you missed the boat the first time around, here's your chance to grab one! If you know you want one, shoot me a message & I can place your order the moment they become available.

Check them out here:

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Sneak Peek!!!

We have our spring collection launching on the 21st!!! How exciting is that!?! Here's a sneak peek of a wider bracelet that we will be offering....and if you're picking up that deer key, you may want to know that we are launching a CAMO keeper you could rock with it!
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Until January 31st, new designers get an additional $50 in product credit to purchase their own samples! 99% of my business is done online....which means it fits perfectly with my family's schedule, my full time job, and my free time :)

Let's chat & see how KEEP Collective could work for YOU!

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Customer Feature

Check out this piece a hostess earned just for sharing her love of KEEP, plus it has keys gifted to her by her daughter!

Find me on Facebook

I have set up a business page on Facebook & would appreciate some likes & shares! So if you're feeling up for it, head over to my page and give it a like ;)


You can shop 24/7 on my site:

See something from this email you like? Just email me & I can send you a link to a shopping bag with the items all ready for check out!

Of course if your wishlist is ever growing, I would love to spoil you with some hostess rewards by way of a social! (In home or online!)

Better yet, love it ALL!?! KEEP Collective is still in it's beginner phase, and I would love to have you along for the journey! Let me share with you all about the designer opportunity!

Nicole Brinson, Associate Designer with KEEP Collective

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