Don't Text While Driving

It isn't worth your life.

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Research summary:

Texting while driving is bad. It causes accidents. It needs to stop. The cause of texting while driving is pretty easy to understand. You are driving on the freeway, and your phone, or other electronic device beeps. You look away from the road, and you answer the text. The cause is that simple. What we don’t realize is what effects if has. the real effect of of texting while driving is this: ¨Texting in cars and trucks causes over 3,000 deaths and 330,000 injuries per year¨ That is just how much it needs to stop. Texting while driving causes people to die, and it wasn’t even their fault. Like CNBC news says: ¨There are countless stories of teens dying in accidents because the driver was texting while driving.¨ Even when they aren't driving, teens still get in accidents caused by the driver texting while driving. While you are texting you don’t realize what is happening around you, which causes accidents. Prevention of this is easy. Give drivers simple clear instructions, NOT to use their phone while they are driving. After all, driving while texting is six times worse than driving drunk.
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Questions I used to research:

  1. Where is the limit?

  2. How many and how can it cause accidents?

  3. How could it be prevented?

  4. When was it first a problem?

  5. Does handing the phone to someone else count?


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