Why we should Compost

The Miracles of Compost!

The Simple Facts about Compost

Hi, Tahni and Brentley speaking here, And we are here to say that we should have a composting bin in the court yard

what are the benefits of composting?

some of the benefits are rich soil for the plants to grow in, and there inst so much trash going to landfills.

why is water necessary?

water speeds up the composting process;what your aiming for is for your compost to feel like a moist sponge;if it stays too dry it will take longer for the compost to mix, and it will take the plants longer to grow.

temperature changes in compost

you'll notice your compost starts to heat up after a couple of days; the inside of it should be around a hundred and forty degrees.

decomposers job

the decompsers job is to break down waist.

def: a living thing that breaks down the remains of other living things.


Do's and Dont's in compost

what to put in your compost bin:

*banana peels

*egg shells

*carrot tips

*orange peels

*apple cores

*dried flower seeds

*dead sticks

*dead grass

what not to put in a compost bin:



*pet droppings


*milk/dairy products

*diseased plants


5 examples of green:

*fresh living leaves

* grass clippings

* kitchen/ veggie scraps



5 examples of browns:

*dead plants

*dried plant parts


*pine needles

*coffee grounds

Fun Facts:

*almost anything that you can eat can go into the compost bin

*water can be used to speed up the composting processes

* worm are way that you can make compost