Roman Art


Why Their Important

These were important because murals have allowed accent art historians to delineate the various phrases of interior decoration in the centuries leading up to the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD which both destroyed the city and preserved the paintings and between stylistic shifts in Roman art.

How Murals Are Used In The U.S

Most murals in the united states are street art . But some are in churches , gyms , houses and more . There are some people that paint murals for fun in the U.S and everybody come to watch . They don't use the same materials as the Romans did because they don't want them to last long . they want them to wash off so they can make more art .
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Explaining The Picture .....

Judy Baca is an artist in mexico who painted this mural in Los Angeles California 1946 . This is one of her famous murals. It is called "The Great Wall Of Los Angeles".