Basics for Visual Representation & Data


  • Become familiar with terminology used in Microsoft Excel
  • Create a simple workbook
  • Add columns, rows, and pages
  • Explore the formatting options within a sheet or workbook
  • Create and explore formulas, sorting, and filtering
  • Add and edit borders within a worksheet
  • Create a simple chart

Success Criteria

  • Participants can explain common basic excel vocabulary terms (spreadsheet, workbook, worksheet, cell, cell name, merge cell, border lines, gridlines, sorting, filtering)

  • Participants can create a workbook.

  • Participants can add data to excel spreadsheet.

  • Participants can use basic text formatting in spreadsheet (i.e. color, font type, size, bold, italicize, underline).

  • Participants can add new and adjust column/row widths and heights.

  • Participants can adjust margins and page orientation (I.e. to fit data in printable document).

  • Participants can merge cells (i.e. to create headings for data table).

  • Participants can change the cell color.

  • Participants can add border lines.

  • Participants can use the sorting and filtering functions

  • Participants can use the AVERAGE formula to find the average of a column or row.

  • Participants can create a simple chart

Excel Basics

  1. Terminology and Basic Navigation of the Excel Program: Pages 1-4 of Excel Task Sheet (20 minutes)
    a. typing specific data in cells (using data from Excel Task Sheet pg 2)
    b. changing cell size using the data that was just entered
    c. making text bold using the data that was just entered
    d. merging and centering using the data that was just entered

  1. Formulas: Page 4-5 of Excel Task Sheet (15 minutes)
    a. "average" formula will be used with test scores in row 3
    b. copy formula for remaining students

  1. Adding: Columns, Rows, Pages 6-8 in Excel Task Sheet (10 minutes) We will use existing spreadsheet from tasks 1 & 2 for this task as well.

  1. Copying & Pasting: Pages 8-9 in Excel Task Sheet (15 minutes) In this task, we will learn how to copy data from another Excel spreadsheet and paste into your new spreadsheet.

**Copy & Paste "Fake Homeroom" spreadsheet from teacher apps to your desktop.**

  1. Sorting: Page 9-10 in Excel Task Sheet (10 minutes)

  1. Formatting: Page 11-16 in Excel Task Sheet (10 minutes)

  1. Charts & Graphs: Page 17-19

  1. Discuss Classroom Applications

  1. Share School Templates (optional)


In your OneDrive, under 'Shared With Me', you have a folder with everything that we did today, plus, a couple of bonus items:)