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Car pollution is a harmful gas that is released into the air by a vehicle. Do you ever see people covering their nose when their is traffic outside? The reason is because the gas fumes from the cars make it hard for people to just to smell clean fresh air, so that gas causes harmfulness to the Earth and environment. Why does it affect the Earth? It affects the Earth because when a car's engine is running, several types of gasses and particles are being emitted out of the cars which causes damage to the environment.

Why we have to stop it!

We have to try and stop this pollution because without clean air people can't breathe well and when people can't breathe well it can cause serious damage and medical problems. Then for environment reasons, vehicle emissions can effect the

environment in several different ways because cars emit greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide, which leads to global warming.

Pollution around the world!


How we can help?

  • riding bikes
  • walking
  • battery powered cars
  • carpooling

Earth is special!

take care of it

This will happen if you make a change

Fresh Air
Researching how pollution affects climate change in the Amazon