Dear Momma,

Life out in California with Vivan is so much different than living in Stamps! My baby boy and I have a lot more opportunity to prosper here. We no longer have to hide from the white folk or the Klan. My biggest wish is for you to come visit. I sure would love to see you, but I know you cannot just leave the store behind. How is Uncle Willie doing? Bailey asks about him all the time. Bailey sure has gotten into a lot of trouble since he doesn't have a job. I am still on the job hunt, but Vivian and Daddy Clidell said they would take care of me for as long as i needed. He is friends with the white folk who provide those high paying jobs. Say hello to Mrs. Flowers for me and that i am doing alright; we all know she always asks! Your family misses you.. Write me back soon as you can.

Sending all my love,