The Mustang Stampede

Third grade news for the month of March


Having just finished up a round of major testing (CBM Test Feb. 26), we are ready to push into the remainder of our state learning standards. We will be introducing area (of a plane surface), geometry, including properties of two- and three-dimensional figures, and probability of events. As you can imagine, these topics include lots of hands-on activities and a number of games.


We will be learning about plants and animals this six week grading period. We will explore and track the life cycles of both plants and animals and how each survives. Additionally we will analyze inherited and learned behaviors. We anticipate having both lots of hands-on activities and also guests speakers who bring science in our natural world to life.

Reading & Language Arts

For this 6 weeks, we will be covering the magical genre of poetry. In addition, the reading homework will be more extensive with the addition of a new Reading Log. This document will have a section for the student to write a short 3 sentence summary about their 20 minute reading.

The practice STAAR was held on Wednesday to determine growth and areas of concern. Expect info on the results to come home soon.

CSISD Reading Language Arts Curriculum

Social Studies

This grading period will focus on basic economic principles, with an emphasis on goods, services, and resources.

The students will develop a project based on Goods and Services. More info coming soon.

Dates to Remember

This time of year starts filling up fast. Forgive me as I extend the dates into April.

March 1 - Citizen Heroes Come-and-Go Museum 1:45 p.m.

March 7 - Awards Assumbly Day 2:00 p.m.

March 11-15 - Spring Break

March 23 - Greens Prairie Rodeo

March 29 - School Holiday

April 8-12 - Book Fair

April 9 - Family Book Fair & Sing-A-Long 6:00 p.m.

April 12 - End of grading period

April 17 - Early Release Day 12:45 / Staff Development

April 23 - STAAR Math Test

April 24 - STAAR Reading Test

April 29 - Awards Assembly Day