Queen of Diamonds Showcase South

Spartanburg, SC September 4 - 6, 2015

Major Changes coming for QDSS 2015!

*We have a NEW location - Tyger River Park near Spartanburg, SC - Named the #1 complex in America 2014

*College coaches will be assisting the QDSS Staff in the game settings as well as teaching in the camp setting

*For those that are participating in the event, we are not only having these athletes playing games, you will also be a part of 5 showcase camp sessions

*Games and Camps will be weaved in throughout the weekend


Friday Night, September 4th - 7 or 7:30 (exact time TBA) Hear Dr Dot Richardson share her story as to what it takes to get to the top. She is impactful, insightful, hard hitting and will have you leaving on a cloud to get to that next level!

Saturday September 5th - 8:00am - Let the games begin! Athletes will be put on a team with other players from other states! We will have a schedule of 50 minute games and games start at the top of the hour. We will have 3 showcase camp sessions throughout the day taught by Dot Richardson, the Liberty University team and other college coaches.

Sunday, September 6th - 9:00am - Continued games and 2 showcase camp sessions

How to apply?

*Every Player MUST apply through this link: http://theqsport.com/qds.html - look for Queen of Diamonds Showcase South and fill out the appropriate information

*Athletes will be notified in late June

*The $375 fee includes 4 games with athletes coached by outstanding coaches from 10 different states, 5 camp sessions coached by college coaches