World Religions


The Beginning of the Christian Faith

Christianity began with the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, who was a Jewish descendent of David who was born unto the virgin Mary. He was said to be the fulfiller of the prophesy of the coming Messiah, or messenger from God.
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The life of Jesus Christ

The first thirty years of Jesus' life was spent growing, adapting and learning the ways of human life on Earth; preparing himself to fulfill the will of God so that he may be glorified with his father in Heaven. Around the age of thirty, after being baptized by John the Baptist, and being filled with the glory of God, Jesus began his teachings. He converted many during his time on Earth; brought many to the glory of God, specifically his twelve disciples, who loved him dearly and followed him throughout his journey on Earth. Jesus prophesied that, should he follow God, he would be tortured and executed by the very people he came to save, but should he turn away from God he would be blessed with many things. He still chose to follow God's plan, and was crucified by the Jews of Rome at around age thirty-three. Three days after his death, he was resurrected from the grave.
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The Growth of Christianity

The teachings of Jesus, however, did not die with Jesus. Jesus' disciples continued teaching the word of God even after Jesus ascended into Heaven. Not long after Jesus' death, the eleven remaining disciples were filled with the holy spirit who gave them strength, and gave them the power of God. The disciples would continue to preach the word of God and change the lives of many people on earth before being captured and executed. All eleven of the disciples would be executed for their beliefs except for one; John who was exiled to an uncharted island to spend the rest of his life, where he would write both the book of John and the book of Revelation of the New Testament of the King James Bible.

The Apostle Paul

After the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the execution and exhalation of all of Jesus' twelve disciples, the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ was spread through the world by a man named Saul of Tarsus. After the death of Jesus Christ, when word began to spread of Jesus raising himself from the dead and the masses still talked of his miracles, a man named Saul of Tarsus stepped up to the plate. Saul was a highly unpopular Roman citizen who was described in scripture as a very funny looking guy. When the word of Jesus wasn't silenced with the death of him, Saul took the ranks of a Roman soldier with the mission to hunt down all of Jesus' disciples and apostles and have them executed. Saul slaughtered hundreds upon thousands of innocent Christians who only wanted to spread the truth spoke by their Messiah. One day, while on the road to Damascus, Jesus revealed himself to Saul, blinding him with his glory. The now blinded Saul of Tarsus was locked away in Rome, for he had began rambling about seeing Jesus, while none of the Roman guards that accompanied him saw anything. Meanwhile, Jesus sent a vision to a man named Ananias, telling him to go to Saul and preach to him the word of Jesus. Ananias, however, knew the name Saul of Tarsus, and feared him. But, instead of being fearful and disobeying his Lord's command, he instead had faith in the words he had spoken and went out to find Saul. When he had found Saul, he preached the gospel to him and Saul converted to Christianity, even changing his name to Paul. Immediately, God healed Paul's eyes and he could see once again, and from that day on, it was Paul's primary purpose to spread the word of Jesus Christ to the masses. Paul even wrote many letters to cities such as Corinth and Rome. These letters make up nearly half of the New Testament of the King James Bible. To this day, Saul of Tarsus is now known as the Apostle Paul.

Christianity Today

Today, Christianity is a vast religion; one of the largest religions in the world, if not the largest religion. Christians still stay in touch with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through praise, prayer, worship, tithing, baptism and fellowship. The work of Jesus Christ and the beliefs of the people of the Christian faith are not at a conclusion yet. Throughout much of the old and new testament of the bible you can find writings about future, prophetic events of the return of the Messiah. When this day happens, the Lord will return "like a thief in the night" and call up all of the born again believers who are in the grave, as well as still living, to meet him in the sky and travel back to Heaven with him without ever feeling the sting of death. After that, those who are left behind will face a seven year tribulation, which will be the worst time ever in Earth's history; three and a half years of peace and three and a half years of war and destruction which will ultimately lead to the near extinction of the human race. After these events, there will be ten thousand years of peace throughout all the land, on Heaven and Earth. Then, the Heavens and Earth will be destroyed and made new again and then there will be an eternity of everlasting peace and tranquility with God in Heaven for those who believed in him before there life on Earth was at a conclusion.
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Things That Christianity Goes Against

Christianity goes again many different things, but all of them fall under one category; sin. Such sins consist of adultery, idolatry, fornication, homosexuality, among other sexual immoralities; murder, abortion, stealing, suicide. Many of which are misunderstood as hate and narrow-minded. The Christian does not hate the adulterer, simply their sins. The Christian doesn't hate the murderer, just the murder. The Christian doesn't hate the homosexual, just the homosexuality. The Christian doesn't hate the sinner, just the sin. In fact, ever Christian has theses sins within them. Some Christians still lust for women/men, making them adulterers. Some Christians are still not patient enough to save themselves for marriage, making them fornicators. The Christian can still be depressed and suicidal. The Christian can still be a thief, and a layer, and a sinner. Therefore, the false accusation of Christians as haters and narrow minded bigots is simply a misunderstanding.
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