Grade 1A Newsletter 16-20 Mar 15

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

International Primary Curriculum- 'Our World' and 'The Magic Toymaker'

This week had both Exit and Entry Points as we finished the fantastic ‘Our World’ topic and moved into ‘The Magic Toymaker’! Please see our children enjoying both in the photos below. Huge thanks to the ladies of Garden Asia Kids who helped lead the workshops too! We hope that the children will use their knowledge of plans and what they need to tend to their terrariums, Bamboo and Money Plants as home!

Thursday saw the special delivery of mystery boxes and a riddle to solve from The Magic Toymaker of Singapore! After reading it, we concluded that he wanted us to make toys for his workshop from the different recyclable items inside. We got down to business and made some fantastic creations. Today the children's hard work and creativity was rewarded with a treat from the Magic Toymaker!

Classes will be making toy museum role play areas and would appreciate any old toy contributions from home, but nothing too valuable. Please send into school if you can next week.

Exit Point - Garden Asia

Language Arts

We have been building on our word level work on adjectives. We are now composing quality sentences using our new vocabulary. The children wrote at length on a picture stimuli of a mountain scene. Part of the success criteria was to think carefully about word choice and to ensure sentences were accurately punctuated.

Our spellings were all based on adjectives. Why not create an adjectives wall or an A-Z of adjectives at home?

Our cafe strategy for reading is based around comprehension skills for the next few sessions. We are asking the children to make predictions about stories and characters in the stories.


Subtraction within 40 - Word Problems

This week, we tried to solve subtraction word problems. We know that the words 'fewer than' means to subtract. There are also lots more words that mean subtraction like less than, how many left, There are lots of ways to solve subtraction word problems. We used counting back, drawing pictures, writing equations, number bonds, our fingers and tally marks.

Dates for your diary!

Swim Gala Friday 24th April

Exit Point (The Magic Toymaker - top secret) Thursday 14th May

Mint Toy Museum Trip Date (tbc)

ICT open lessons:

AMc: Tuesday 28th April @ 11.20-12.20

CDo: Tuesday 28th April @ 9.20-10.20

CNe: Monday 27th April @ 1.00-2.00

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