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Sixth Edition.....................................March 2016

What's New?

Featured courses in Mayer University:

- NPI - DMW2 LED Fixture

- Hubbell Lighting: Prescolite LBSLEDA Surface mount

- Hubbell Lighting: Prescolite MC10 Megalum Cylinder Overview

- Mayer U Navigation & Reporting for Managers (Webinar)

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Forklift Certifications

An update has been made to our Forklift Certification Process and we have streamlined the process for our associates.


* Associate was required to submit an essay documenting the trainer and date of certification.

* The Manager /Trainer was required to email the checklist to .


* Once the Manager / Trainer emails the checklist, the Safety Team will mark the item "complete" in Mayer U and the associate's transcript will be updated.

* The associate is no longer responsible for submitting the essay.

*For convenience, we have added a copy of the checklist to the module in Mayer U.

First time certifications will still be enrolled and required to complete the online forklift training safety course.

Preferred Partner Product Development Event

The inaugural Preferred Partner Product Development Event was held March 15th - 17th at the Mayer Houston branch. This program is designed to provide Mayer associates with an in-depth understanding of high-volume, supplier-specific products and product families.

Each supplier was invited to teach Mayer associates the same things they teach their own sales resources. Topics included basic products, new innovations, typical applications, and key differentiators. Sessions were led by supplier training staff and sales staff.

Be on the lookout for future Preferred Product Development Events in your region!

Learning & Development Advisory Board

It is our pleasure to officially introduce the Learning and Development Advisory Board!

As part of our initiative to engage associates and ensure that the content identified and developed within Mayer U meets the needs of our organization, we have created the LDAB.

The LDAB is composed of a cross section of associates from each region providing representation on a variety of responsibilities throughout Mayer.

At our February kick-off meeting in Birmingham, we established the initial foundation and action items. We will continue to meet regularly via conference calls and webinars to address the development needs of the organization.

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