My family

By Breanna Gibson

My Family

My family starts with my two siblings Hayley and Grayson. Then there comes my mom and dad. My mom grew up in Canada but was not born there. She was born in Michigan. My family is split up into two countries. My dad's side and a little bit of my mom's side live in Michigan. Then on my mom's side the rest of her family lives in Canada. I have been to both Canada and Michigan. They are both very lovely places to visit. Then we move on to my mom's side. I have no idea how many siblings she has but there is a lot. I also have many cousins from Canada. Then on my dad's side we have my Aunt Kathy and my Uncle Mike. They both have two children older than 18. Their names are Amanda, Quinton, Kayla, and Joycelyn. And that is my family. That I know of anyway.