Important Message About Kindness

September 17, 2021

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Dear VCS Families,

It’s so great to see students back at both our VCS West and VCS East campuses. Our VCS staff are my heroes because I’ve seen what they’ve done to make instruction accessible during an unprecedented time.

However, this is the first letter that I’ve ever written like this. Let it hopefully be the last. It is unfortunate that we have noticed an unpleasant trend of parental anger and disrespect toward VCS staff members this year that I feel I must address.

While it is likely less than 10% or our population, I’ve witnessed or learned of an alarmingly high number of incidents involving angry and upset VCS parents, grandparents, and guardians who are inappropriately taking out their frustrations on VCS staff members. This negativity is creating a toxic atmosphere. Almost daily at both campuses, VCS front desk staff, teachers, administrators, and staff monitoring traffic control are faced with parental disrespect, impertinence, and rudeness. Some parents are even refusing to obey basic safety guidelines like following traffic flow patterns. This disrespect and rudeness has got to stop.

Although we are still “getting back into the swing of things” after an incredibly difficult year, there is never an excuse for disrespect. We teach our students the VCS “H-A-W-K” character traits of Honor, Achievement, World Citizenship, and Kindness. Let’s reflect upon these important character traits, and do our best to teach them to others through our own personal example, especially kindness.

We must make an immediate effort to end the disrespect and disregard of school rules. I believe we can. In fact, I propose that all in the VCS community commit to intentionally thanking our VCS staff, and acknowledging the difficult set of responsibilities that they are now facing. They are here to help your children succeed in school and in life. Please make it your priority to value and respect your VCS teachers, support staff, and administrators.

While we’re all faced with daily uncertainties, we still have so much to be thankful for. Let’s focus on those things and be kind and respectful to the people who are here for your children.

Thank you for your understanding.


Jay Cerny, Ed.S.

Executive Director, Vanguard Classical School