The University Of Texas

Home of the longhorns in Austin by jameson Castillo

Education & Training

SAT : superior 7% ACT : 28 GPA : 3.0 y Arriba

Poblicion de ciudad y Universidad : 885,400 y 39,979 en 2013

datos interesantes : 1) UTs Mascota que solia ser un pitbull/bulldog llamado cerdo

. 2) Llamado mano superior unviersidad signo por el ilustrador deportes.

Cuato tuiton?




Recomendacion ?

You are required to have a certain amount of credits in the same language . You need at least a 3.0 or above (in a 4.0 Gpa) . Depending on if you are in the state , or from another state or country , you may need a different amount for SAT, Or ACT . But for Texas need to be top 7% in your class ranking , plus a score of 28 on ACT .

Nothing surprised about any classes Id have to take during my career .

Cual Es las mascota ?

Bevo , Texas longhorn

Cuantos "freshman" acceptable casa ano o el ano pasado ?

En 2014 , 7287 freshman enrolled .

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