Coaching Conversations

A Chat with Mrs. Horrell

Book Room: Under Construction

If you've been to the Book Room this week, you already know that there is a lot going on in there. I happen to have an AWESOME mom who just retired from teaching and offered to come help me get the room in tip-top shape. This is no small task! Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to help create a better book room for our Eagles! (You are still welcome to checkout out books, but please know that the checkout process will be changing in time and it's SUPER important to return any books that you are finished with!!)

Benchmarking Mania!

It's true! Benchmarking season is upon us here in Frankfort. If you are unsure about an assessment, please do not hesitate to ask myself or your team leader. These assessments are used in a variety of ways so it is imperative that they are done with fidelity and in the time frame given. If you need assistance, please ask!

Coaching Cycle

I will begin modeling lessons and co-teaching with many of you next week. Thank you so much for the feedback that many of you gave me last week. As the year continues, I will try to get to meet those needs listed. In the meantime, if you ever need to schedule a meeting, have a question, or would like me to share in a celebration with you, please email me or come down and see me. I love all of my time spent inside classrooms with teachers and students!

Books, Books, and MORE Books!

IRI Books Have Arrived!

If you've been in my office lately, you've seen mountains of books all over the place! I am working on getting these distributed to you as quickly as I can. I am waiting for the many orders from Amazon to get here so that I can give them to you all at once. Be sure to place a Title I sticker on the back of the book and remember that these are for our independent reading time. I've had so much fun reading through the many titles that you have ordered!

All Done?

That's it for now! Thanks for checking out what's on my mind today. I know that there is SO much going on and I appreciate the many ways you've impacted kids this week! Have a SUPER weekend!!