John f. Kennedy

The Saddest Death in 1963


John f. Kennedy was a wonderful president and many people liked his ideas but then their were other people who just didn't like him. You know may know some of those people. The people who shot him dead. People believed that just lee harvey Oswald wanted to kill him, and some people believe different. 2 days after Oswald killed JFK, Jack Ruby killed lee harvey Oswald, some people believe ( I do to) that jack ruby only killed Oswald because they didn't want him to get caught and tell them who hired Him and the secrets and such.... Some people also believe that Lyndon b. Johnson the Vice President hired Oswald and others to kill JFK because he wanted to be the president.


President John f. Kennedy is like some presidents today because he is thoughtful and good hearted even when times were hard, like many of our presidents had to go through tough times and he did everything in his power to make his country better.Like many presidents did and some of them who were like that were assassinated. Because they were amazing. People admired them so they killed them. That was a problem, because it hurt so many people because they loved the great presidents who had good ideas and a good spirit.


Today presidents are different, and think about different things one thing and maybe they have a reason and maybe they just like to but presidents in our generation think a lot about money. Now yes money, is an important resource to have but that's not the only thing that should be on your mind. Many people not just presidents but many, many people think money is most important, and that you need moneys to be happy. Money gets you things you need but without money we could be happy, enjoy are lives because life is a gift we are here temporarily. We need to enjoy are time on this earth. Some president don't always think about the people and there health.