Family communication plan

know what to do in a disaster

How to get to your Family in an emergency!

Know your phone numbers
  • home phone number
  • Wife/Husband's number for adults
  • Mom/dad/gurdian numbers for kid's
  • your Sibling's numbers

Memorize your home, and parents phone numbers

Text, don't talk

In an emergency don't try to call your family, because it blocks the calls to 911. Text your family where you are and if you need help.

Let them know you're ok

Text your parents that you are ok. If you are at the meeting spot text your parents you are there and that you are waiting for what to do next.

Know what to do when your family is together

Have a safe plan with the Family

*See example family plan below

Know where to go and how to get out of every place your in. If you are away from your meeting spot know the fastest way to get to the spot. Have a spot in your neighborhood to meet, such as a neighbor's house or at the beginning of the street. Also have an out of neighborhood meeting place. Know every exit in the building in case of something happening.