Long Jump

By: Reagan O'Hearn


Long jump has been an event in the Olympics for a long time. It was part of the pentathlon event in the Olympics in Ancient Greece, circa 708 B.C. Men have been competing in this event since the beginning but women started competing in the 1928 games in Amsterdam.

What is long jump?

Long jump is when a competitor sprints on a track then jumps as far as they can in one leap.

The Competition

Although men and women don't compete against each other, there has always been a competition between men and women. Men are all around more athletic than girls but that makes you wonder if girls will ever beat the men's long jump distance.

Scatter Plot

The square show the men's distance and the X's are the women competitors.

Line of best fit

Shows the general trend for the Olympics and how the distance is changing over time.The blue represents the men and the red represents the women.

Will women's distance ever be better than men's?

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The intersection shows when the men's and women's distance will be the exact same. In the year 2162 the men's and women's distance will both be 8.21 meters. The years after 2162 the women's distance will increase and become further than the men's distance.

The X intercept

The X intercept represents the year. The data goes back 40 years.

The Y Intercept

This represents the distance of the jumpers in meters.
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