Biomass and Biofuel

By: Ava,Skye,Marilyn,Aylse,Shayanna

What is Biomass and Biofuel?

Biomass and Biofuel is an organic substance that stores sunlight in the form of a chemical energy. Their made from trees, plants and animal waste. This can be used as an energy source, and also it can be used for gas. Biofuel includes wood, wood waste, straws, sugarcane and many other by products from a variety. Biomass is very helpful to the earth and helps s lot of people with energy. Although some people can over use it or use it for something bad. We can help by doing community service and pick up garbage.

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Better gas = Better air

Biomass and biofuel can be used as gasoline to power cars to make better air. Other fuels and gases make pollution in the air. Biofuel is made from plants and trees. If we use biomass to power cars, we can help the environment. Biomass and biofuel can also use lots of energy witch is bad:(. Biomass and Biofuel is natural energy. Biomass and Biofuel is not a gas it is a ......................................look at the sentence above.


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