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Connor McSperrin; Editor-In-Cheif

What's on Your Plate

In choosing the workers who pick, process, and transport it how close should the businesses look at them? They should look at their body for exterior diseases such as, warts, cuts, etc. Then they should take a look inside their body for other interior diseases such as the flu, the cold, etc. These two simple steps can stop the idea of rotten or diseased food. Another type of way we can make sure none of this happens is that we can invent a machine that does it for the companies. Those are just 3 easy steps to help Americans.

For example if the businesses would take the machine idea they could stop disease from the work space and then in time make better food. Also they wouldn't have to hire immigrants and in this it wouldn't target immigrants for deportation. Two more benefits for the companies would be lower wages because you would not have to hire people to do the work that the machine would do. Two is that it would make the life of a business owner easier because they wouldn't have to spend money on the things that make the meat smell and look better. So in conclusion making such a machine would benefit the American food/ health.

Dear Future America..

November 14,1917

My name is Alice Paul. I was a women suffragist. We were people mostly women that were fighting for equal rights for women in the United States. It took us, the suffragists 72 years for equal rights and the right to vote in the United States. It was long hard fought battle we were yelled at told no and event sent to jail where they beat us and force fed us there.

During this time we did not want to attack president Wilson or any of the presidents. The reason for using "kaiser Wilson" was to make a point. We wanted to the American people that we were no different than the German people that President Wilson addressed. I found this strategy to be very effective because it got lots of peoples attention an more importantly it got presidents Wilson's attention.

Also the struggles we went through such as people calling us names such as traitor. The word I used to describe the women that I worked with is full of courage. We had courage and showed it by never stopping for anyone. Such as we never stopped campaigning, stayed out in cold weather to protest, and for not paying the fine and going to jail that treated us poorly off of false charges. The main thing I want the future Americans to know is that the women didn't quit. We never gave up, and you shouldn't either.


Alice Paul

QUITE! Know Your Place, Shut Your Face

QUITE! Know your place shut your face is representing during World War 1 the us used the Sedition Act to stop Americans fro talking bad about the government military and to protect the troops. The United Sates government used this Act to help the Allies win the war and in this if you talked about the war badly then you would be sent to jail. So with this Act in place it took freedom of speech and many Americans protested against it because it went against our rights. So through this time Americans had to keep quite about all things war related. This made many Americans angry, this made this time in the war very hard for the U.S.


The wealth stricken Chinese are keeping the U.S. out and away form their precious golds and jewels. They have barricaded themselves in behind a 20 foot wall and wont let near them. Even if you do get inside they are killing people inside and you will never come out. 400-600 people KILLED this month by Chinese "boxers." It just in... 1842 Britian has brocken through the unbreakable wall and ports. There is now TRADE.
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Save Your Food!

Don't waste your food! Don't buy meat and wheat let the troops use that. You can sereve what you need and use it for left overs and make it so you dont buy as much. Leaving this food will help win the war. DON'T WASTE IT.


The Boom of the 1920s

This is post War U.S. our economy is booming. This new installment buying and home goods we have got our selves into a spending spree. We have new products due to the new culture after the war. The installment buying can bring dept so watch out. We just invented the new mass communication the radio is going great also the airplane we are traveling all over the country. This also is giving us new experiences. Us as the news have decided to call this time the Roaring 20s and the reason is due to the new products installment buying, and the great spending spree. This isn't so great for our farmers they haven't been getting the right prices and are loosing business due to the the city products. So our government just made the 1921 tariff this helped the farmers so our economy has much prospered. This is a great time in economic history.

The Poet Claude McKay

"The Poet of The Time." That was Claude McKay he was born in Jamaica on September 15, 1889. He was educated by his older brother, who possessed a library of English novels, poetry, and scientific texts. In 1917 he published two sonnets, "The Harlem Dancer" and "Invocation," and later use the form in writing about social and political concerns from his perspective as a African American man in the U.S. McKay also wrote a variety of subjects, from his Jamaican homeland to romantic love, with a use of passionate language.

During the twenties, McKay developed an interest in Communism and traveled to Russia and the to France, where he met Edna St. Vincent Millay and Lewis Sinclair. In 1934, McKay moved back to the U.S and lived in Harlem, New York. Losing faith in Communism, he turned his attention to the teachings of various spiritual and political leaders in Harlem, eventually converting to Catholicism. McKay's viewpoints and poetic achievements in earlier part of the twentieth-century set the tone for the Harlem Renaissance and gained the deep respect of younger African American poets of the time, including Langston Hughes. After this he died on May 22, 1948.

The Red Grange

The Red Grange aka known as George Halas is desperately seeking a special gate to help draw attraction to not only his Chicago Bears football team, but to National Football as a whole. The Red Grange this man out of Illinois University could do just

This Thanksgiving Day, 1925, just 10 after Grange's last college game, 36,00 fill the Cubs Park to see the Red's debut against the Chicago Cardinals. Ten days later 70,00 pack New York's Polo Grounds to see Red and the Bears take on the New York Giants. When Pyle and the Bears ownership couldn’t agree on terms for the 1926 season, Pyle forms a rival American Football League with a team in New York called the Yankees that featured Grange.

While the Yankees had moderate success, the rest of the league failed. Pyle was allowed to move his team into the NFL in 1927 but Grange suffers a crippling knee injury during a game against the Bears. "l didn't play at all in 1928,"Grange says. "l was just an ordinary ball-carrier after that. I start to develop into a pretty good defensive back, however."

Halas invites Grange back to the Bears in 1929 and he remains with them through the 1934 season. In the 1933 NFL Championship Game, Grange is a defensive hero with a difficult touchdown-saving tackle in the final seconds.