devlin b6

the greatest trip ever

I think 7th graders would benefit from going to smith falls park. I made a plan to go onto a nature walk because we would benefit from it because we need exercise. And some people would enjoy it.

The only people would be 7th graders and teachers it would be about 300 of them. The 7th grade is mostly 11-13 year olds. We would be leaving from our school. On a bus we could get any bus an arrow bus or a regular school bus.

It is 296 mi it would take 5/ hours. It is located in the sand hills. We would have to stay there we could camp or go to a hotel. A lot of the people would probly like to go to a hotel. I for one would love to camp. It would cost allot of money to go and stay. But smith falls is free.

When we get there we could go to the museum it could help with S.S. the heritage house would also be good for s.s to. And then we could go to the nature walk it would be good for science and pe. And then we could go to the water fall for a little sightseeing and the best part about it is you can get really close.

And this is why I think the 7th grade should go to smith falls. And then if people want to go outside for lessons we can. It would help with some subjects so we can get better grades. So what do you think?