Are children smarter/more sociable because of the Internet?

Are Children Smarter or More Sociable Because of the Internet?

The Internet is one of the most popular forms of technology used by our youth, which brings up loads of questions, but one in particular of whether or not the Internet has benefited our children by helping them become smarter and more sociable. The answer: Yes it does. It allows them to access a vast amount of information, communicate with people all around the world and because of this, become more self- taught. Children are smarter and more socialized because of the internet since it provides instant communication and information and is a supplement to traditional learning.

The Internet Provides Vast Amounts of Information Quickly

The Internet is easily accessible to children because it is on almost every technological device as well as being available 24/7. This allows children to spead and exchange information to others all around the world. In fact children can get so much information at one time it's incredible. Google provides bilions of results in seconds. There is also millions of active websights to see whatever they want, and learn whatever they want. This opens up many worlds for children to explore, allowing them to expand their minds and meet new people in a fast and convenient way.
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Spreading and Exchanging Information with Others Around the World

Childern are able to comunicate with others all around the world to exchange and spread ideas and information. The internet provides instant communication and socializing tools for children to use. Generic examplies of this are chat rooms, emails, video streaming, etc. Specific examples of this are Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, etc. These opportunities allow children to socialize with more people than they normally would if they didn't have access to the internet.

Children are Becoming More Self-Taught

Numerous studies have shown that children who use the Internet are smarter and more sociable than those who don't. Because information is available in vast amounts in such a speedy way, and children are able to communicate with people all around the world to spread and exchange ideas and information, they are much more attracted to learning at a faster and more self-controlled way. This encourages them to be more proactive in helping themselves and bettering their education. Using the Internet to self-teach themselves, children enjoy learning a lot more than if they were in a traditional school settings because they are in charge of what they want and will learn.

The Effect of Technology on Children

Children are becoming smarter and more sociable because of the Internet because it empowers them and encourages them to learn and communicate on their own in a way that they are engaged and interested in finding out new things. The Internet provides may opportunities for children to open their minds and talk to others because of the large amount of information they are able to access due to its fast and expanding spread and exchange of information and allows for children to work at their own pace and in a way that they enjoy.

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