All About Idioms

By Kiana huynh


Idiom: are phrases which people used in everyday language which do not make sense literally,but we can understand what they mean. let see some Idioms.

Idioms "Bookworm"

"Bookworm" means Someone reads a lot.

Example: Ari is a bookworm in the library.

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Idiom "Piece Of Cake"

"Piece of cake" means it is so easy.

Example: Alex said "it was a piece of cake on the test".

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Idiom "Raining cats and dogs"

"Raining cats and dogs" meaning it is raining hard

Example:"We can't go now because it's raining cats and dogs."

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Idiom"hold your horeses"

"Hold your horses" meaning is you are doing something too fast

Example: “Hold your horses, it’s not time to go yet, we have to finish one more."

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Idioms "cat in the bag

"Cat in the bag" means If you let the cat out of the bag, you let someone know a secret.

Example: we'd planned a surprise party for Donna, but some guy she works with let the cat out of the bag, so now she knows.

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Idioms "Feeling Blue"

"feeling Blue" means If you feel blue, you are feeling unwell, mainly associated with depression or unhappiness.

Examples: "Whenever I Feel blue, I sometimes play little song."

If you feel blue, you are feeling unwell, mainly associated with depression or unhappiness

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Idiom "cat got your tongue"

Cat got your tongue means:

Have you nothing to say?

  • Why are you not talking?
  • Why are you not saying anything?
  • Why don’t you answer me?
  • Example: "The boy didn't know what that meant and replied that he didn't have a cat."

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    Idioms '' hit the books"

    Meaning: to prepare for class reading and doing all your assigned homework

    Example: I have to hit the books because I have a big test tomorrow.

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    Idioms "give me a hand"

    Meaning: to help someone do something

    Example: Could you give me a hand Mike?

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