Art District XIII

presents Yuvan Bothisatuvar

The Final Illusion

Yuvan won the Glenfiddich & 'Emerging Artist of the Year Award 2013,' India's biggest art award for which he received the Glenfiddich artist residency in Scotland.

His work is an emphatic and profound statement against illusionistic and subjective art.The show at Artdistrict XIII is the outcome of Yuvan’s time spent at the Glenfiddich distillery.

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My Bad Thing

Size: 48" x48" inches

Medium: Canson paper on plywood

Price: 1,75,000 Rs

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Size: 92" x 72"

Medium: Plywood on stainless steel and beads

Price: 4,50,000 Rs

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My Bed

Size:72" x 48" inches

Medium: Mixed on plywood

Price: 2,75,000 Rs

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After Life

Size: 78" x 71" inches

Medium: Paper on plywood

Price: 3,50,000 Rs