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It is important for people to know what has happen around Egypt while they were sleeping or busy doing something else. It is so easy to look at the news on ESPN, with just a click of a button you can get a glimpse of everything that happened this week.
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Ready, Set, GO!

Chariot Racing is the new big thing for the youngsters. Come and get your brand new chariot from Mr. Polonius at the Polony Warehouse. It can go 50 miles and hour! You will be going super fast! All you need is a horse and the rest they got for you! Have fun and go places fast! Its the whole package!
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Mummy Classes

Make sure to start early on teaching your children how to wrap mummies to ensure your child's future. Because one day they might have to wrap you! Don't wait to take the class because you might be too late! IT would be less money to wrap you! Take the job! ITs better for you and your son. Go to Mummy Wrapping Academy for Boys and learn all there is to learn about the great experience.
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Akhenaten and Nefertiti Halo

So pretty, why did she marry so ugly???

Don't you want to be like the beautiful Nefertiti? Don't you want to do whatever she does? Except, you know, marrying an outrageous king that changed the religion!!! She could have done so much better!!! But she insists that she was truly in love with Akhenaten.
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Do you want the "in" hairstyle?

The beautiful beads, the pretty braids? Don't you want all that? If so, come down to ISE!!!You won't regret it! The queen walked out of her palace proud of her beautiful hair that we design for you! Don't you want to look like royalty? Whatever you want we do for you!
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King Tut Dies Young!!!!

Your pharaoh just died!!! Only at the age of nineteen!!! Racing in a chariot he crashed and died!!! Be careful! Don't go past the limit on your chariot! Police officers are there to keep you safe! Make sure you watch where you are going! Your parents don't want to hear the news that you got in an accident just like King Tut's mistake! Learn from other people mistakes and again stay safe!
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Get comfy!!

New furniture awaits a loving and beautiful home. Even some of the pharaohs get there thrones and beds from here. Chair and tables cost only 13 bushels of wheat. Beds and couches cost 5 silver coins each. So cheap, but so good!!! Come down to Mrs. Bunnies furniture home!! There are also the exclusive animal skins.
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The trading Begins!!!

The trading this year has been absolutely fantastic!!! We have gotten so much!! The people who go out and trade bring back fruits, animals, and pottery!!! They travel long and far for many days, even weeks; to find these great resources. If you want to join these helpful people sign up near the Papa's Bakery!!
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Persian Rugs

The beautiful designs are to die for! They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors! They are handmade and are made with a ton of love. If you want any of these amazing Persian rugs, go to Perfect Rugs. We can get any image on these classic rugs, just give us the image and we got the rest covered. It wont take that long at all! Come get your own before their is no more sales!
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One rock, another rock another rock...

Build, build, build, one rock after another! Working dawn through dusk, Temple workers work really hard to make your amazing temples that our kings are barred in. WE should thank them tremendously! Because don't you want your kings to live in a beautiful home in the afterlife? But we need to work faster! Please if you want to join in the work on building temples it would be very helpful! Sign up quickly!
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The new Disease has everybody worried!!

Spreading from person to person to place to place, and its worrying everybody! People are dying from this horrible disease! Kids are becoming parentless and sick also! the population is decreasing! We need to find a food cure and very fast! The scientists all around Egypt are coming together to find a cure for this horrible disease! Watch out! Wash your hand and check if everything is clean and disease-free! You will thank us later!